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OpenBytes is a small group of passionate open source developers who come together to collaborate on projects and share their knowledge. Our core members are experienced in mobile development (iOS and Android), web development, and full-stack development and act as mentors for others in the group. They help guide and educate others in the group.

Our focus is primarily on mobile development using Kotlin and Swift. In addition to our projects, we also share information and insights on our blog, where we publish small posts and articles. If you’re looking to learn and collaborate with a community of like-minded developers, OpenBytes is the place for you!

Tech Stack

While our core members are well versed in mobile development (iOS and Android), we aim to be open to all any language someone knows, or is learning and wants to share what they’ve learned within the community.

Looking to Contribute?

As noted, we welcome anyone of various experience levels to share what they know and help us grow. To do so, we rely on community contributions. If you’d like to write an article, simply fork the project and locate the Copy the contents, and create a new file for your article. Utilize the template and fill out the fields and write you post. When you’re done, simply create a Pull Request with your changes for review.

Don’t be worried if this all sounds like a lot, we’re here to help! Join our Discord and we’ll help answer any questions you may have.

Current Members